Responsible investment.
We recognise that real estate assets have an impact beyond financial return and can have material impact on human, environmental and social factors.  We believe that integrating ESG factors throughout Northtree’s business culture and asset management strategies will help deliver sustainable financial returns, environmental improvements and social good

We are proactive and collaborative.

Bespoke ESG business plan for every Northtree asset and regular tenant engagement to set environmental and social KPIs

We are a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

We will positively contribute towards achieving the UN SDGs

We are guided by strong governance and a clear investment philosophy.

Open and transparent communication with key stakeholders is of paramount importance

We live our values.

Our culture is open, transparent, collaborative, informal and innovative. We are passionate about our industry and want to contribute to long-term, sustainable change in real estate

We are B Corp certified.

Our approach to commercial real estate investment and asset management was a major contributor to our certification